It’s far from my expectation

I’ve (Dr.Fujita)attended lecture by Dr.Jerry ueno specialist about dental implants  from SanJ ose California in March 27th.

He has outstanding skills and technique to lead his patients. and owned his  huge office. 

but something that never happen in this country Japan but U.S, because of treatment expense about natural teeth is going higher and higher, then certain proportion of their patients compare their treatment fee,fee, then they may make decide whole their teeth take away and doing implant replacement. 

and few people will aware you must loose your feelings regarding tooth pressure that you could feel  texture oh the food like fluffy, soft , chewy, etc.

it should maintain your teeth as much as possible.

Taking away their teeth and then palcing  the implant procedure might be much affordable than keep their teeth with preventive way. That’s why”Stragetic tooth extraction technique can be  still existing in U.S. but not outside of U.S due to higher expense in tooth preventive procedures.

Luckily kind of that situations are hard to exist in Japan, because tooth preventive treatment fee could be cheeper than U.S. So as a japanese you can easy to imagine keep up your teeth in proper way and not so expensive fee required. so you can take more ideal treatment sure including implant placement, but not so many, because you can maintain rest of your teeth with preventive procedure.