Fujita Dental Clinic Pubric announcement(Measures against Covid-19)

To take measure against Covid-19, We are doing “Universal precaution” and state of art disinfection methods as well as  rinsing patients mouth with antiseptic liquid,

In this time It’s hard to control our about dental instrument like emitting water spray, they might have risk transmitting virus.

Coincidently, American Dental Association and Japanese academy of oral surgery announced interim postponement recommendation about non urgent dental procedure.

consideration about these situations, Our Clinic have decided,

  1. From April 6th, we focus on put in prosthesis, and urgent treatment(tooth ache, gum swelling)
  2. We’ll close our clinic from April19th to May9th to prevent spreading or transmitting the virus.
  3. after that, We’ll decide how to act depends on the situation.

Thank you for your cooperation.