30th May 1997Nihon univ.Dent.Journal

Analysis of Mouse Secretory Component Genomic DNA

                                 Hiroshi Fujita

Nihon University School of Dentistry ,Major in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

(Director :Prof.Itsuro Kudo)



The polymeric immnoglobulin receptor tranports polymeric immnoglobulin A and M across the glandlar epitherial cells 1).During this process ,the receptor ,an integral membrane protein ,is cleaved by proteolytic enzyme with the result that a large portion known as the secretory component (SC) is released as external secretion with the immnoglobulins.2.3)

In this study,mouse genomic library was sceened by EcoR I fragment of the mouse SC cDNA clone to determine the mouse SC genome. The following result were obtained:

1.Approximatery  1.0kb and 580bp introns spanned positions 1041bp and positions 1375bp and 1376bp of mouse SC cDNA ,respecttively.

2The genomic organization (exon-intron structures)and exon seqences were very close for human and mouse SC.



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16th March 2008 reserchreport abstract

The experience and  prognosis of generative procedure

using EMD
                                         Hiroshi Fujita

 Director of Fujita dental clinic, Business faculty of Nihon University.


There are many methods  of periodontal surgical therapy and past research revealed ordinary surgical procedure didnft get attachment adhesion of the gum1).

Some method like Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) revealed that Gum were healed by controlled tissue regeneration but also these method didnft get attachment of the gum2)3) .

Regeneration method@using Enamel matrix protein confirm true periodontal regeneration4)5) .

This report is showing simple process with  appropriate regenerative operation and these prognosis

Please evaluate yourself and compare with your cases!!



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